Decorating your apartment home quick and easy

Majority of the time, when you rent an apartment, the lease restricts you from making alterations without written permission from the landlord. So what is a person to do when moving into a plain old white walled apartment. Add color! There are many ways to add pops of color to your apartment decor. There are inexpensive ways to add some pizzaz to your decor. Framed art is an easy way to bring life to your walls. If you do not own any type of art then just frame some colored gift wrap. Cute and cheap. Colored and printed pillows on a chair or sofa can bring charm to the room. Storage bins now come in may colors, add a few to make statement and hide clutter. There are many great ways to spice up your apartment home, you just have to think outside the box.

Get the extras

When you are deciding between several properties to live at, make sure you look at all the extras. For examples what does the property offer you? Do they have a swimming pool to sit and relax by. How about a fitness center? For those who love to be outside, what about a tennis court? Park benches or a grill? These items though not the most improtant on your list are considered extras and you should consider an apartment that offers something additional in their community. The Park at Lake Magdalene Apartments in Tampa offer a sparkling pool with a view of the gorgeous lake, picnic areas with grills to entertain your guests, benches throughout, tennis courts and basketball courts. So do not settle for an apartment that just gives you four walls. Ask for the extras!

Best apartment deals in Tampa

The Park at Lake Magdalene offers some of the most spacious floorplans. We have both garden style apartment homes and townhomes. For the size of the apartment homes and our rates, there is no doubt that we offer the best apartment deals in Tampa. Call us today and schedule a personal tour of our models.

Lake view apartments in Tampa Florida

There are many reasons to choose an apartment in Tampa that is located on the lake. The views are breathtaking. You get to see wildlife such as birds and fish on a daily basis. You have no neighbor behind you which offers wonderful privacy.
At the Park at Lake Magdalene, we offer lakeside apartments and townhomes. Each of them with a private courtyard to put a patio table, grill and plants. This is just one of the unique features we offier. Call us today . 813-961-6641

Location ,location ,location

We have all heard the saying in real estate ..Location location.  It is no different for apartments in Tampa Floirda.  When searching for a new apartment home, it is inportant that you take a look not only in your community but at what is located around the community.

Many apartments in Tampa Florida are centrally located and offer similar surroundings but it is up to you to take a close loojk around. Types of businesses that you may want to be withing walking distance of your apartment home might be a gas station, a bank, and a grocery store.  We do not think about how local businesses could one day benefit us , until your car runs out of gas or a friend comes to stay with you and you do not want to lend them your car. Life is easier when you have such conveniences near you. 

It is important that you understand that like buying real estate, apartment rents in Tampa Florida can vary. Why not choose an apartment near shops and businesses?  Life is stressful enough, make your move the right place in the right location and it could eliminate stress in the future.


Know the pet policy before signing the lease

If you are a pet owner and you are in search of a new apartment home to rent , it is important that you do your research about the pet qualifications at the communities you are interested in. It is common in apartment communities to have certain dog breed restrictions. Breed restrictions are often based on recommendations from the insurance company. Common breeds not accepted are chow chows, pitbull terriers, german shepards, staffordshire terriers, rottweilers and doberman pinchers. Along with breed restrictions often comes weight limits. It is important to know what the limits are within the community prior to signing the lease. It is your responsiblity to collect the proper information , afterall most leases state that no pets are allowed without written consent from the landlord. Be prepared to pay a pet depsoit and follow pet rules. Pets are part of the family but you must choose a community that agrees to accepting your pet.

Summer Time Tips

Summer is right around the corner and with summer comes HEAT. There are a few things that you can do to help cook your apartment home down and help your electric bill stay down.
Change you a/c filter once a month. This improves circulation and improves our a/c system’s ability to function. Did you know that most apartment complexes offer a/c filtersno cost? Next time you stop in to pay rent, ask your leasing staff or management.
Keep your blinds closed. This is a good one. As a renter ,your lease may limit what type of window coverings you have exposed through the window.
It is common for apartmenbt homes to include mini or vertical blinds. When you are not home and at times when the sun is hitting your window, closing your blinds can help cool your place down.
Keep your a/c on even when you are not home. If you leave your a/c on 80 degrees, at least when you do get home and try to cool down the a/c will not have to word as hard to get to drop the temerature in your apartment.

For more tips you can visit your electric company’s website. Let’s face it, we all want to stay refreshed without killing our bank account.