Summer Time Tips

Summer is right around the corner and with summer comes HEAT. There are a few things that you can do to help cook your apartment home down and help your electric bill stay down.
Change you a/c filter once a month. This improves circulation and improves our a/c system’s ability to function. Did you know that most apartment complexes offer a/c filtersno cost? Next time you stop in to pay rent, ask your leasing staff or management.
Keep your blinds closed. This is a good one. As a renter ,your lease may limit what type of window coverings you have exposed through the window.
It is common for apartmenbt homes to include mini or vertical blinds. When you are not home and at times when the sun is hitting your window, closing your blinds can help cool your place down.
Keep your a/c on even when you are not home. If you leave your a/c on 80 degrees, at least when you do get home and try to cool down the a/c will not have to word as hard to get to drop the temerature in your apartment.

For more tips you can visit your electric company’s website. Let’s face it, we all want to stay refreshed without killing our bank account.

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